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NERD ALERT! Latest PanQuake Delivery Update Here

Update posted On Donate

Dear PanQuake Community: once again, we have promised and delivered :)
Get an insider’s look at how our groundbreaking next generation technology will work, and hear from Yale Privacy Lab’s Sean O’Brien what this will mean for you!

Because we are a community and PanQuake couldn’t exist without your support, we want to make sure you can share our journey as we build this fantastic new platform. Our latest delivery update is now available on our Vimeo channel! Co-founder Suzie Dawson takes you though the design and architecture of the PQ project in an astonishing level of detail.

More than you wanted to know? Maybe, but it’s your support that has got this off the ground, and your support that will give us all a next generation communication platform that we can trust. We want you to see what is going on, how much organization and sheer hard work is going into this project so you can feel the confidence to keep supporting PQ, and to spread the word so we can grow the PanQuake Community and get this delivered FAST!

As exciting as the tech side is to us, if it’s not your bag, you can always fast forward to hear Sean O’Brien from Yale University’s Privacy Lab talk about what this all actually means for users. How you will control it and own your own data and communications. Different from what’s happening now? That’s a hard YES!!!

So we’ve shared our delivery plan, but our ultimate delivery date depends on you. You’ve already answered “if” PanQuake will exist - now we need you to answer “when”. Being a user-funded network is what allows us to preserve and fight for your freedoms and it is our users who will make this happen! We need more PQ community members to grow the groundswell and to get you a short messaging platform that in all ways prioritises, values and serves you, the user.

Be the change. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing that - we appreciate contributions of any size, every dollar will be put to good use, and please, please, please, spread the word and share, share, share! Tell your friends to Join PanQuake and Donate to speed up our development!

Our success is your freedom. We don't hope, we build!

See you soon,
- The PanQuake Team

PanQuake is coming!

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​Big Tech Chasing PanQuake?

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Dear PanQuake Community,

Wow what a difference 5 weeks makes. As well as bringing hope and the prospect of a brighter digital future to all of you, PanQuake has changed the way the social media industry thinks about itself, without even releasing our product yet!

We launched our business in a climate of abject censorship that has only worsened since. And now none other than Twitter is dipping a toe in the PanQuake waters by suggesting that they too might adopt a subscription model. As if paying to be spied on, censored and having your data sold to corporations and governments would somehow be an improvement to their status quo business! Subsequently, #RIPTwitter is trending on Twitter.

Why would a behemoth, privacy-obliterating, corporate back-scratching for-profit, social media monopoly suddenly want to change their business model? Two reasons come to mind: a) they’re being forced to by the threat of a competitive alternative and b) greed.

PanQuake Co-Founder Suzie Dawson said it best today:
“People who can't innovate their way out of a paper bag taking their cues from people who can, never works. The *ONLY* thing that Twitter could ever do that would be even vaguely threatening to our project would be to: a) stop censoring the #$#@ out of everyone and b) stop spying on us all ∓ using our data for profit. And if by some miracle that happened, I'd call it a massive victory.”


While the big players chase our tail, we’ve been hard at work preparing an amazing first monthly public delivery event for you this weekend -
Tune in from 8pm Eastern this coming Saturday at our Vimeo channel!

Co-founder Suzie Dawson will be unveiling all kinds of never-seen-before goodies relating to the build progress of PanQuake, joined by fellow executive team members Jo Booth, Sean O’Brien and Bill Binney. Can’t wait to see you there!

Our delivery plan will be revealed but our ultimate delivery date depends on you. You’ve already answered “if” PanQuake will exist - now we need you to answer “when”.

Being a user-funded network is what allows us to preserve and fight for your freedoms and it is our users who will make this happen! We will stretch every dollar to get you a short messaging platform that in all ways prioritises, values and serves you, the user.

Be the change. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing that (yes, there’s that message again!) and please, please, please, spread the word and share, share, share!

Tell your friends to Join PanQuake and Donate to speed up our development!

Our success is your freedom.

See you soon,

- The PanQuake Team

​You Are Invited! 1st PanQuake Public Delivery Meeting

Update posted On Donate

Dear PanQuake Community:

We are excited to confirm our first public delivery meeting is imminent! As promised, PanQuake co-founder Suzie Dawson will be:

  • presenting all new details about the design and functionality of our service
  • breaking down our development progress to date
  • outlining the pathway by which we are delivering our groundbreaking new social media platform into your hands

The event will be available at TalkLiberation.com from 8pm Eastern on Saturday, February 27th and then uploaded to our Vimeo and YouTube channels.

It is important to us that you be able to participate in this event.

We want to acknowledge and incorporate your thoughts, feedback, ideas and most importantly, answer your questions. So please email these to contact@talkliberation.com or post them on social media with the hashtag #TalkLiberation. We will speak to them directly during the stream!

Now that we’ve told you what’s coming - we’d like to tell you a bit about what’s already happening.

PanQuake is being built as a long term, sustainable, resilient enterprise. So as well as giving you insight into our product development, we want to share with you some details about what goes on behind the scenes at PanQuake. We are committed to producing an ethical and transparent social media service and in support of that, we have created an ethical and transparent business.

Although presently staffed by volunteers, PanQuake is a cohesive, professional and international commercial operation. Our team - which now numbers 26 - work in four distinct business areas: Project Management, Business Support, Development and Marketing.

Every Saturday, for several months now, all staff come together for a full team meeting. This gives every team member visibility into all of our business areas so that no one is left in the dark about any aspect of what we are doing. This keeps us all on the same page and creates a wonderful sense of camaraderie.

In addition to this, each team and their sub-teams hold weekly meetings of their own, in which they review the week’s progresses and drill down into their particular deliverables for the coming week, as pertains to their specific area and workload.

These weekly meetings include:

  • Architecture Meeting (championed by Bill Binney)
  • Blockchain Meeting (championed by our blockchain expert)
  • Business Support Team Meeting (led by Business Support Team Lead)
  • Design Team Meeting (led by our new Creative Design Lead)
  • Development Team Meeting (led by the Development Manager)
  • Marketing Team Meeting (led by our Media Director, Taylor Hudak)
  • Project Management Meeting (attended by our project manager and project coordinators)
  • Social Media Team Meeting (led by our Social Media Coordinator)
  • Accounting Meeting (our financials are reconciled weekly by our Accounts Administrator and reported to our Executive)
  • Executive Team Meeting (comprised of Bill Binney, Sean O’Brien, Suzie Dawson and Jo Booth)
  • This structure ensures that no stone is left unturned to develop PanQuake as both a product and a business, into all that it can and should be, to best serve you - our users.

    Our teams are already producing training materials for new staff as we inevitably grow, developing standard operating procedures to streamline our efforts and future proofing our business for scalability.

    This fabulous workforce deserves and will absolutely need compensation for the time they are investing in revolutionizing the social media space, for all of our benefit.

    Furthermore, our ability to convert our development team (in particular) from volunteers to full time contractors would dramatically expedite the product build and reduce the ultimate delivery timeframe

    That is why we have launched Phase 2 of our crowdfunding effort: to enable our staff to work exclusively on PanQuake. To make Phase 2 as successful as Phase 1 was will require the support of the PanQuake Community.

    We are currently lining up a series of interviews and media appearances that will help to spread the word about this project and generate new recruits for our Community! But ultimately, it is word of mouth that will win the day and that’s why we need you all to be as vocal as possible in circulating key links and information about PanQuake to members of the public who do not yet know about it.

    Together we can and will deliver this product to the world - and swiftly.

    The overwhelming success of Phase 1 answered “if”. The outcome of Phase 2 will answer “when?”.

    So please, if you are able, consider donating again to help achieve this, and most importantly, share, share, share! We will do everything we can to amplify your voices.

    Thank you so much,

    - The PanQuake Team

    YOU DID IT!!! 50K Milestone Update!

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community:

    Woohoo!!! Can you believe that we’ve already achieved our first 50K funding milestone? But more importantly and so heartwarmingly, we have more than 1,350 backers!!!

    You are amazing! We thought it would take us 8-12 weeks to reach this milestone but you delivered it in only 23 days! In less than one month you have pulled together into a strong and vibrant community thirsty for change and ensured that our Beta product WILL happen.

    Together, you’ve covered our basic capital expenditure costs for PanQuake 1.0: that’s server infrastructure paid for. That’s business registrations in multiple jurisdictions paid for. That’s front end beta application costs paid for. An absolutely legendary effort and in record time!

    Stop and pat yourselves on the back, because like us, you don’t just talk about change, you take action to make it happen. You have wrapped yourselves around us and become our marketing team. You know we are independents and need your help to make this work. And that’s exactly what is happening, what a community effort!

    If you have a moment, scroll through the comments left by donors - we love doing exactly that. Your feedback fuels us. You’re telling us that we’re already making a difference in the way you feel about the future of communication. That you see the need for PanQuake.com as much as we do.

    We hear you: you want PanQuake fast. At lightning speed. We all need this solution now. So our next mission is to accelerate the build while retaining our focus on quality.

    How do we do that?

    By bringing on full time developers and coders. Our volunteers are saints and have shown their dedication over the last four months. But while they have to fit PanQuake around their day jobs (and of course their family & friends), they can’t possibly complete a major commercial software build as fast as we all need it to happen. Looking after our team is important to us.

    So we’re setting a series of stretch targets to fundraise for formally employing our professional workforce, beginning with our development team. This will offer them income security and empower them to produce better and faster. It’s worth noting that we have a team willing to work for lower than commercial rates, because they have the belief and passion for this project.

    We are renewing our fund-raising efforts across all media - we want to bring on thousands of backers to spread the word and share the load. This is an independent messaging platform that will always be advertising free so we do not have or want venture capital investors with their inevitable strings attached. We know that individuals working together can do this, so please help us to grow our community.

    Being a user-funded network is what allows us to preserve and fight for your freedoms and it is our users who will make this happen! We will stretch every dollar to get you a short messaging platform that in all ways prioritises, values and serves you, the user.

    Be the change. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing that (yes, there’s that message again!) and please, please, please, spread the word and share, share, share!

    Tell your friends to Join PanQuake and Donate to speed up our development!

    Our success is your freedom

    All the best,

    - The PanQuake Team

    Danger Will Robinson!

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community:

    As we power towards completion of our Phase 1 goal, a success for which all of you are directly responsible, we are unsurprised to see the first legislative threat to our revolutionary internet freedom and privacy model is already manifesting and we want to urgently warn you about it!

    As you know, PanQuake is leading the social media space in creating a user-supported social network that turns the public into valued customers instead of being a product to be data mined and abused. This model is proving to be a potential Achilles heel for the status quo and they are scared!

    Accordingly, we today received news from Sean O'Brien, Founder of the Yale Privacy Lab at the Yale School of Law that there are newly proposed changes to Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act which may penalise services like PanQuake which charge users for services, while retaining some protections for big tech companies who offer supposedly 'free' services - while spying on their users, secretly packaging your data for commercial sale to big data corporations and to governments, manipulating user content and censoring your speech and pocketing billions in the process.

    In short, they are scared of YOU becoming our customer. They want you to remain being THEIR product. This is obviously completely unacceptable.

    Now the good news is this - because we anticipated this type of action and are registering and operating our company in multiple jurisdictions outside of the reach of the USA, PanQuake will still be able to provide you with services. But the precedent these politicians are seeking to set, will materially damage user's interests by entrenching many of the existing immoral commercial practices of big tech, under the guise of promoting your rights. So we hope Americans will push back! Call your representatives, and tell your friends and family that you do not support the changes to Section 230 proposed by Senator Mark Warner and co.

    You can click here to read the text of their proposed amendment to Section 230.

    Sean O'Brien, founder of the Yale Privacy Lab at Yale School of Law, and a member of PanQuake's Executive Committee said: "The proposed changes attack simple subscription models like PanQuake's directly, as well as any service people support with funding to avoid pervasive data surveillance and protect their speech. Some of the language is also broad and vague enough to create loopholes for the powerful and draconian enforcement for disruptive, innovative, grassroots websites and services. It also may give a free pass to media conglomerates and data brokers."

    Below you can see the email our co-founder Suzie Dawson sent to key influencers today regarding the proposed amendment:

    Thanks to your incredible generosity, advocacy and support we are so close to completion of our Phase 1 funding target! We are planning something special for you once we reach that milestone and launch Phase 2. We never dreamed that we would be able to grow as a company and a product offering so quickly but your incredible response is making exactly that happen.

    It has been a huge three weeks for our team and we are overjoyed to be on track to deliver you a world class, innovative service that will change the way users think and feel about social media going forward.

    Thank you so much for being a part of this journey, sharing our content and helping to tell the world about this grassroots movement for a more equitable and just method of communication for us all.

    Our success is your freedom! Accordingly, we ask that you share this post and our crowdfunding campaign, as we continue full throttle towards a better future for us all, together.

    We'll write again soon.

    All the best,

    - The PanQuake Team

    Presenting The New PanQuake.com

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community:

    As promised - new content for our users is here! Our website has undergone a major renovation. It’s very reflective of the forward momentum created by the increasing awareness in the public consciousness about PanQuake!

    When we arranged our first livestream (can it really be only 2 weeks ago?) it was to announce our plans for a new era in social media to a select group of online friends. We thought we’d follow this with a more public launch in a couple of months, but we underestimated the thirst for change that is out there.

    We‘re blown away with your enthusiasm and support, and by the already over one thousand PanQuake donors who have joined forces to support our community!!

    Now, we really want to get PanQuake to you fast and that’s why we soon will be setting stretch targets to fundraise for converting our volunteers into full-time team members as a priority. Doing this will dramatically speed up the delivery time for our product and get it into your hands much sooner. But we also want to make sure you get to participate in the journey..

    So in response to your ideas & requests, we have redesigned our website PanQuake.com and are constantly adding new content. Have a look at these new sections:

    • News - keep a close eye on this page - this is where you check on project progress - all important. (In the coming weeks, Video and digital media content will be available at talkliberation.com which is being remodeled as we write this.)
    • Endorsers - this project is too important for us to work alone and before we even started building a PanQuake community we worked with key people who could help to advise and guide us. They’ve been generous with their support - you’ll see more about who these wonderful people are here!
    • Goodies - we are constantly dazzled and amazed by how many PanQuake supporters have taken the initiative to dress their accounts with our imagery. Many have asked for official files to do this with and here it is now: logo files, social media profile thumbnails, banners and more - we will be adding dozens of new downloadable digital designs and graphic work to this section as we go along, so keep checking back!
    • * Crypto donations Okay, okay, we heard you! You want to give us crypto and we love crypto so of course we will take it! So yes, you can now join up and donate to us using any one of 12 major cryptocurrencies - including ZCash and Monero for those privacy savvy users out there! See all of the options here

    So what’s next? You keep asking for PanQuake merchandise & we’re working on an official PQ shop right now! We love that you want to spread the word & show your support in this way - watch for updates./p>

    We have been working hard on a large amount of content updates across a variety of platforms which will be announced imminently. We are sure you will be as proud as we are of the quality and quantity of work that is soon to be unveiled. We will write again soon!

    And talking about your support, we need lots of people to hear about what we’re doing & to advocate for us, so as always just remember that this is a user-funded network and it is the users who will make this work!

    We will use every dollar to get you a short messaging platform that in all ways prioritises, values and serves you, the user.

    Be the change. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing that (you’re going to hear this message a few thousand times!) and please, please, please, spread the word and share, share, share!

    Tell your friends to Join PanQuake and Donate to speed up our development!

    - The PanQuake Team

    PanQuake Fundraising - Are We There Yet?

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community:

    The question on every road trip - are we there yet? Well, the answer depends on where ‘there’ is. You will likely be as thrilled as we are to know that in less than 2 weeks we have nearly reached 70% of our start-up target!!! Unbelievable, so huge thanks to all of our wonderful supporters in the PanQuake Community who have donated and shared our message. We love you for this.

    So where is your money going? The 50k initial target is what determined whether we would be able to complete the Beta AT ALL - thanks to your help, yes we can!

    (To read our press release about this, please click here)

    These funds have made sure that we will be able to complete our beta product including multi jurisdictional business, hosting and trust registration, initial hardware costs, domain registrations and business accounts for all the external services we need and (hugely important) securing an enterprise application-grade front end creative design lead.

    But many of you are expressing deep hunger for PanQuake. Want it now. In fact, want it yesterday. We feel the same but working with a 99% volunteer team, the days are long and there’s not enough days in the week. Our team is amazing, as they juggle family commitments, day jobs & the huge passion they feel for this project. We value our team and we’re well aware of the risk of burn-out. So we need to start working on stretch funding goals so we can have dedicated staff working full-time to finish and deliver PanQuake ASAP. This will make sure the platform is finished sooner, and our community gets to access and use it sooner. So, a win-win for all.

    How are we going to get there? With your help, and not only your donations: Spread the word, share the links, make sure all of your networks know PanQuake is coming - that it’s different, that it respects you and your privacy, that it will be advertising-free and that it will be available to all. A lot of people donating a little is how we will make this work. Be the change. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing that and please, please, please, spread the word and share, share, share!

    We have been working hard on a large amount of content updates across a variety of platforms which will be announced imminently. We are sure you will be as proud as we are of the quality and quantity of work that is soon to be unveiled. We will write again soon!

    All the best,

    - The PanQuake Team

    NEW: Exclusive Look Under The Hood of PanQuake

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community:

    You asked for it and here it is! Get an exclusive look under the hood of our revolutionary new social media product PanQuake with co-founders Suzie Dawson and Jo Booth, as well as PanQuake executive committee members Sean O'Brien (Founder, Yale Privacy Lab) and ex NSA Technical Director Bill Binney.

    Watch Dawson reveal, for the first time, back-end design slides from PanQuake's development plan at this tech 'deep dive' event where viewers get to soak in much greater detail about the PanQuake business model, architecture (including blockchain), commercialization, security and sustainability, licensing and privacy.

    Transparency in action!

    See the full 'Tech Deep-Dive' event footage now on our Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/504193358

    Follow us on Twitter: @Pan_Quake
    On Facebook: facebook.com/TalkLiberation
    On YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC1jRZgfoZBT1fXd8a2Ia1Pw
    On Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/PanQuake

    Thank you so much for your support of our crowdfunding campaign! The more money we raise, the faster we can develop this product, so every dollar you give is empowering us to get PanQuake into your hands even sooner.

    We so appreciate your supportive messages, your sharing of our content, your belief in us and this product. It means the world!

    Let us know what you thought of the event at contact@talkliberation.com

    All the best,

    - The PanQuake Team

    We Promise. We Deliver!

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear PanQuake Community - as promised, we have more exciting news for you!

    TECH DEEP-DIVE EVENT: SUNDAY 24TH @ 8PM EST. Press release: https://panquake.link/PQpr3

    We are thrilled to confirm that this weekend you will get your first look under the hood of PanQuake and get to see some of the groundbreaking innovations that will drive it. The event will feature a technical presentation by PanQuake co-founders Suzie Dawson & Jo Booth, alongside PanQuake executive team members Sean O'Brien (Founder, Yale Privacy Lab) and Bill Binney (ex NSA Technical Director), hosted by PanQuake Media Director Taylor Hudak. The team will try to strike the delicate balance between making the event relatable to the wider less-technical audience of committed supporters who are curious as to how it all works, while also satisfying the thirst of hardcore techies for whom the devil is in the details. It will be fun and enlightening and our team is very much looking forward to it!


    Hardcore PanQuake fans will not want to miss this: we have just published the full high quality 1080HD video of last weekend's PanQuake launch event featuring 45 minutes of bonus content never seen before. That footage includes interviews with a variety of members of PanQuakes core staff, who spoke from the heart about how they feel about PanQuake and what their experience has been like being part of the team who is bringing this amazing next generation messaging technology to the world.

    There were tears, there was laughter, there was heartfelt outpouring of emotion and we are just thrilled that you will get to see how genuine, kind-hearted and loving the team building PanQuake really is.

    These are the people you are empowering to solve your social media problems and it's wonderful that you finally get to meet them!

    A series of short clips of each main panel speaker from last week's event will be pumped out of our social media channels over the next 48 hours in the lead-up to Sunday's 'Tech Deep-Dive' event. Please keep an eye out for these and help us to circulate the important messages contained within.

    The more effectively we spread and circulate this content, the more people come to know about the project - propelling donations, which in turn accelerate the build and release of PanQuake's life changing social media solutions to you and to the world.

    Thanks again for all your support! Our next update will be early next week, post Sunday's event.

    With gratitude and appreciation
    - The PanQuake Team

    You Are Making PanQuake A Success. What's Next?

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear beloved PanQuake Community:

    We have some goodies for you! This has been an incredible week, with your love, support, contributions, commitment and advocacy surging us above 35% of our initial funding goal in just a matter of days. We have been inundated with excited and encouraging messages from the public via social media and our communication channels and our dedicated support team have genuinely enjoyed interacting with you.

    In the background, we've been doing vital things like refining business processes, workflows and exploring opportunities to ensure we can do the best possible job of serving the incredible user base that is already forming around PanQuake. We've also been recruiting some even more amazing people who you will likely know and love, to join our expanding team! More on this soon. :)

    In the foreground, our Media Director Taylor Hudak has begun booking appearances and the first of these, with Peter Lavelle on CrossTalk is now available for your viewing pleasure: You can view the full show here or if you would prefer to listen to the audio, there is a podcast version of the show available too. In it, Taylor and PanQuake co-Founder Suzie Dawson appear alongside PanQuake endorser, comedian Lee Camp and do an excellent job of commentating on why PanQuake is so relevant in the current sociopolitical context. Expect more fantastic media appearances from our crew in the coming days, weeks and months!

    There will be one more important campaign update later today with an accompanying press release, which will be very much of interest to anyone who wants to know more about our business model, the technical architecture behind PanQuake, or further details about how we'll be rolling out this product to the public, so please keep an eye out for that.

    It's important to us to strike a balance between keeping you updated on what is happening with PanQuake, while not constantly bombarding your inbox! So we ask: please let us know, would you like more or less frequent updates from us? We love consulting with our community and will follow your lead. Please email your comments to contact@talkliberation.com and simply put "More updates please!" or "Less updates please!" in the title of the email and we will tally the results and act on your wishes.

    Thanks so much for everything you are doing to expedite the build of this project. Ultimately, the more funding we get from the public, the more talented people we can hire to build this product faster, and the sooner we get it into your hands. So your continued circulating and promotion of our donation link is bringing PanQuake to the world faster. We see hundreds of you are doing exactly that, every single day, and ultimately you and your efforts are propelling this technology forward. Because we aren't backed by any corporate or government funds, YOU collectively are our PR team, and you are kicking butt and we love you for it!

    We will write again later today, with news about this weekend's upcoming event.

    Until then,

    - The PanQuake Team

    Launch Event Video Released!

    Update posted On Donate

    Dear Community - what an incredible 24 hours it has been. Despite the steep censorship we faced during our launch event, which forced us to pre-record and belatedly release the content and endorsements from our amazing panel of speakers (Hedges, Dore, Ellwood, Camp, Lavelle, Christine Assange & more), we have been inundated by messages of support and humbled by your generous backing & sharing of this campaign despite the challenges we have faced.

    The full story of what has been going on for us and the phenomenal response from our supporters is detailed in our latest Press Release, which you - our donors - are receiving first before we post the release via any other channels. You can read all about it at this link http://PanQuake.com/PQpr-2.pdf

    Additionally, the event video is now available via Vimeo - please watch it here https://vimeo.com/501631303 and if you love it, share it far and wide!

    A higher resolution unedited copy of the event with additional bonus content will follow in time - it will likely take several days to upload and process due to the size but we wanted to get this shorter version out to you ASAP as we know how many of you have been excitedly waiting to see it!

    Updates on this crowdfunding page will be prioritised above public channels going forward to reward you for your loyalty and trust in backing this campaign.

    Thank you so much for your lovely messages, your generosity and your support of this product. We have a very, very dedicated team working overtime to realise the hope and the incredible opportunity that PanQuake is for us all.

    We will write again soon!

    Until then,
    - The PanQuake Team

    Project X is PanQuake

    Update posted On Donate

    PanQuake is Talk Liberation: transparently delivering powerful next generation amplification tools to transform your social reach and engagement. It's time! Come #TalkLiberation at PanQuake.com to discover solutions and innovations beyond your imagination

    Love what you see? Join

    Want to see this product delivered sooner? Donate

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